The Homework Ban: Some Basic Pros And Cons

Banning homework has been discussed on multiple occasions by a number of educational institutes and authorities , and there are many aspects that should be taken into consideration here. There are, to be more specific, cons and pros to every decision being made regarding this issue , and there are many point of view and you can look at things from different perspectives, so make sure that you will take all of it into consideration.


  • Time. This will give the student more spare time for his personal and social life, since he will not have so much work to do once he gets home. Most students have to study besides doing the homework anyway, so cancelling it will not stop them for focusing on their study when they are outside the school but simply it will give them more space to play and work at the same time, it will give them a sense of security and control over their own personal life.
  • Teachers. The same aspect above can be presented to teachers as well. Not only that they will not lose time in the class to check the homework and "punish" whoever did not do it, but it will give them more time at home for their daily activities, if the homework was not checked in class and they want to check it at home.
  • Stress relief. This will make the students feel much more confident at school, since they know they will not get a bad grade if they did not have any homework, and it will make they pay more attention in class, since they already had enough time to relax and unwind at home.


  • Exercise. Most of students will lose the exercise they had in their class along with what they had learned. The homework is meant to repeat and exercise what they had already been taught at the school, so that it will be implemented in their memory and fully understood by them.
  • Grading system. If you take out the homework, you will never be able to monitor which student works at home and which one doesn't, so that will be reflected in their grades and educational performance. You will find a student who did not study at home, but cheats on tests and then can get an A or B on all of exams, and since there is no homework then the teacher will not have an actual evidence of his actual performance.

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