Homework Should Be Banned: The Main Pros And Cons


School children hate it, and adults believe it is necessary for teaching children discipline. Whether it be a dissertation, essay or thesis and whichever stage of schooling you are at. Each is an extension of school to be done at home. This is a historic process that has been practised for many, many years. Each term many detentions are given to students for its non-completion. What are the main pros and cons for banning homework?


  • Will help students develop their research skills.
  • Will enable students to take responsibility for their own learning.
  • Homework deadlines and set subjects will teach students skills that they will need for adult life.
  • Freelancing will enhance children’s independence and sense of pride in themselves.


  • The pressure students are put under to complete a huge workload. Resulting in them having very little relaxation time.
  • Prevents children from socializing with friends and spending time with family.
  • Homework can be meaningless form filling that does not encourage them or keep their interest.
  • Marking hundreds of student’s work at a time can be as much of a strain on teachers and their home lives as students.

People argue that this extra schoolwork can bring together teacher and student, and they can learn from their mistakes in the classroom with guidance and support.

But with the number of students in one class, individual one on one time is decreasing.

Homework can lessen family time and keep children up all night, as they become more and more stressed and frustrated as they attempt to finish all of their research and draftings on time. This can lead to mental health problems.

Yes, but children do need to consolidate their skills they have learnt in the classroom, so the facts will hammer home. As we all know completing one essay can give them the confidence they need to, in later years, write their dissertation and thesis.

Parents could work with children at home. This could be made to be fun and get the children outside, and this would increase exam results massively.

Students have to be taught to search for the correct environment to work in in which they flourish and achieve. Otherwise, every new term will bring fresh terror to the children that we need to be protecting. It’s all about finding the balance.

What does remain to be found is a solution but this debate will continue to rage on until one is found.

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