Developing Good Homework Habits For Elementary Students

Habits that begin early stay long in life. You need to approach your child’s studies this way. It only makes sense to instill healthy homework habits in elementary students. Use our tips developing these good routines.

Tips for Developing Good Habits

  • Use the refrigerator-the refrigerator has traditionally been a place for cherished artwork. It can now be a place for the work assignments for the week. You can let your child do the magic mark-through as each assignment is finished.
  • Copy the work for the week-to help develop good homework routines, make sure that if the teacher has a homework site, you print the week’s work, and stick it on the refrigerator as well. Teaching your child to look ahead is an important skill.
  • Colored file folder system-if you use different colored files or folders for each of the subjects, finding the work and putting the instruction sheets in them suddenly becomes much easier for the student. Consider using the color-coding system.
  • A break when you get home-your child will need some down time when he or she arrives home from school. Let your child have a healthy snack, some exercise, a free read, or some kind of non-school activity before they start the assignments. A break when they come home from school is necessary for a healthy mind and body.
  • Study where your parents can see you-as students get older, I do not recommend that they work at the kitchen table. However, during the elementary years, you need to have your child working where you can see them and where you can be near by for assistance.
  • Do not do their work-never do your child’s work. You are teaching them nothing but bad habits if you do this. You can assist them and answer questions, but leave the homework to your student. This tip is very important when developing good homework habits for elementary students.
  • Clean the backpack-the book bag or the backpack needs to be cleaned out every Friday without fail. A clean bag with help greatly with organization issues. Let your child do this, and you watch them do it. Your child needs to take full responsibility for his or her school materials.
  • Rewards-you can use a reward system if you like. It is a personal call. Make sure that if you do this, the reward is reasonable and all the rules concerning any reward are clearly stated upfront.

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