Why Homework Can Be Bad For Elementary Students: 4 Reasons

The advantages of assignment have been debated by parents and teachers for years as this after-school task often stir up unpleasant connotations to people involved; parents, teachers and students. Even though a lot of people believe that homework does more harm than good by causing huge amounts of pressure and tension to everyone, some people perceive that assignment has great benefits for kids through encouraging them to think more independently after class hours.

Meanwhile, let us explore why assignments can be disadvantageous to elementary students. Here are four reasons:

  1. Kids should not be provided with assigned task after school anymore because they need time to rest and relax. In actuality, the pressure of having to finish assignment every night is quite discouraging for most kids and they need sufficient time to refresh their bodies and minds. Not only that, children no longer have the time and opportunity to pursue sports and their hobbies because most of their time is consumed in accomplishing their assignments.
  2. Assignments greatly minimize the amount of time that kids could be spending with their loved ones. In addition, family time is very essential to a growing child and without this certain growing up issues may emerge and a family unit may be compromised by inadequate time spent together. Aside from these, after-school tasks disturb family life and prevent children from performing necessary household chores.
  3. Many teachers do not usually have the time to grade assignment properly since they are too preoccupied with consulting teaching resources as well as creating lesson plans so they can manage their lessons well. This conveys that by the time the pupils are getting their assignments back, the class has already proceeded to a new subject matter.
  4. Homework overload can encourage cheating mainly because students end up copying each other’s work in an attempt to accomplish all their assigned tasks. The sad part is that they end up being rewarded or recognized for cheating which does not absolutely benefit them at all.

Additionally, it is worthy of note that there are harmful effects when a child is overloaded with assignments, such negative effects comprise of the following:

  • Emotional instability
  • Sleep deprivation
  • High stress levels
  • Depression
  • Health issues (for example: weight loss due to loss of appetite and overfatigue)
  • Frustration
  • Concentration and attention problems
  • Forcing the child to stay awake late at night just to finish the task

Imagine exposing an elementary student to all these harmful effects, don’t you think it’s like torturing them at a very early age?

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