How To Develop Good Study And Homework Habits

Wouldn’t it be nice to get an A in every class? So many students go off to school and then fail or quit. It’s not because they aren’t smart or because they don’t care about their classes. Sometimes it’s simply because they don’t have the training necessary to develop good study and homework habits. If you want to be a good student and get good grades, this guide will help you develop habits that will benefit you through your academic years and beyond into other areas of life as well.

  1. Use a weekly planner and always plan your study time. Plan other things too, like when your classes are, when you will eat meals, when you will relax, when you will do homework assignments. View this plan often, use it to live by. It helps you identify what needs to be done as well as teaching you to use your time wisely.
  2. Get a good understanding of what the expectations are for each class, and what the workload is going to be like. If you are going for an A, then identify what will be required for you to do so. Be reasonable as well as realistic, but remember to stretch yourself.
  3. There are key parts of the day that often get wasted. There is often time given in class where you can read or do assignments. Don’t waste this precious time. All the work you can do at school cuts down on the time you have to spend at home doing it.
  4. Become very proficient at listening in class as well as taking detailed notes. Doing this can cut down on the time you need to spend reviewing your notes later.
  5. Ask pertinent questions to your teacher when you know an exam is coming up. Don’t leave unanswered questions and then get an unpleasant surprise when they show up on the next exam.
  6. Limit the time you spend on social media each week. If it’s one of the problem time-wasters in your life, then only allow yourself on it after homework is done as a little reward, but you must use a timer, and get off when your time has run out.
  7. Using a timer can help you gain a better appreciation for where your time is really spent. Also, keeping a journal as to where your time was used can also be an eye-opener and help you get a better grasp of time management.

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