Defining The Benefits Of Homework: A Professional Point Of View

You know when you go to school or college, homework is going to come with it. That involves bringing your textbooks home, reading, taking notes and studying them. But students and parents sometimes wonder what the point of all that studying is after putting time into going to class for hours a day. Teachers and professionals still have reasons why doing school work after school is helpful. On many levels, parents seem to agree.

When students get assignments to do at home, there are a number of things it teaches them. Responsibility is a big piece of it.

  • Students learn about being responsible for something. The student is in charge of making sure they make the time to study.
  • You're responsible for remembering the deadline and turning in the assignment whether it is math or an essay.
  • When you study on your own, you teach yourself to learn how you learn best. You learn a bit of a discipline to make sure you set up your environment to make sure you can do your studies.
  • No one is going to turn in your work for you. So this teaches students to be responsible for finishing their tasks and remembering to turn it in on time.
  • Getting work pushes you to be responsible for setting up a safe place to put your assignment, so it is ready to be turned in when it's due. You have to make sure the work will not get ruined or lost.
  • This teaches you to go out of your way to study and even put in the effort since it's outside of class. You get to demonstrate the level of understanding what the class is teaching you.
  • Doing a little bit of homework after school reinforces what you learned during class. It helps what you learned in class to really stick, so you remember it.

You hope students will take lots of these benefits to heart as they're plowing through their books doing their school work when they would rather being doing something else. As long as the homework is not too overly difficult, it teaches so much discipline. It doesn't need to take hours upon hours for one subject. Students will also realize that if one assignment takes too long, it's time to ask for help. Studying at home should emphasize what has been learned during class, not overpower them.

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