How I Joined A Homework Club: Great Advantages And Potential Pitfalls

Forming a homework club is one of the key things a focused student can try. It comes along with multiple advantages that enhances your student’s grade and studies in general. Nonetheless, everything that has upsides must also have the dark side of it. With regards to a homework club, this article clearly illustrates the key pros and cons. Let us commence by illustrating the advantages:

It creates a serene environment to conduct studies

Here, students normally select a quiet place which is free from disturbances. This is because, conducting studies in a chaotic place is very difficult and in most cases, it hinders easy apprehension of the concepts. Therefore, when you become a member of a given club.

It eliminates monotony of classroom and working from home

You will find it mind-numbing to repeatedly work from the same environment over and over again. You need to explore new surroundings that can deliver you from boredom. Such places include churches, studying under a tree and an after class hour in the school field.

It improves cooperation among students

Students form working groups where each one contributes positively by giving his or her arguments. Through this, most students are able to adopt this group action behavior and can later use it in their future life. Teamwork has always been known for a long time to contribute positively towards the student’s general character.


They are relatively cheaper than other forms of learning as all that a student requires is stationary. In case of a tutor, the charges are still lower and quite sensible.

The following are potential pitfalls attributed to a homework club. Every student must consider them keenly so that they do not become victims.

They are still a burden

In the recent past, most clubs used to place a free charge if the children were more than two, that is, to the third student. However, this is not so today. All of them must cater for the services offered.

Some of them entail extreme fun

In some cases, you will find your children going out just to enjoy themselves through playing games while carrying out very less of reading.

It can be tiresome

This is applicable to students who become fatigue after the day’s lessons. They are overwhelmed by this additional burden where they have to spend some other hours of study.

Limitations to opening periods

Some clubs only open during certain periods after which they close down. For instance, some children can only access it during their half term break or during major holidays

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